Not on the moon

2016, installation, sand, fiber glass, acrylic one

Since 2012 I regularly make work about piles and pits of sand. Not on the Moon was made for the exhibition ‘Dirty Daisies’ (2016). This exhibition was displayed on floating platforms in a small harbor in the Binckchorst district of The Hague. The Binckhorst is an industrial area where raw materials are being processed for the industry. Nearby the location of the exhibition a company is situated that processes sand. The sand is transported to the company by ship and then brought ashore through a pipeline. The piles of sand on the ships temporarily lose their shape as they pass through the pipeline, after which they become piles again. This transformation and the repetition of form inspired me to create Not on the Moon. The piles of sand are all hollow on the inside and repetitions of the same four basic forms, being castings from piles of sand.

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